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Management Companies & Brokers

Find the right tenants

for free

Detailed screenings of  potential renter's financial, criminal, and eviction background - 0$ for Landlords

instant screening reports

Avoid post-move-in surprises

Credit Facts helps you understand a tenant's full history, lowering turnover, preventing evictions, and properly securing your investment.


Industry leading data


Full background, credit, and eviction checks


Screening paid for by the tenant


Easily invite via email or text

The Data You Need To Verify Your Intuition

Your real estate is too important to mishandle. Eviction horror stories can be avoided- Finding the right person for your land is paramount to your success

CreditFacts helps you find a tenant you can trust

Why Choose Us?

Industry Leading Data

CreditFacts has the experience and the data to secure your investment

Fast & Convenient 

We directly bill potential tenants  - and our service is always 100% FREE!

24-hour turnaround time for most orders.

World Class Customer Service

Unlimited Live Phone & Email Support

Monday – Friday; 9am–5pm EST 

Safe and Secure

Our encrypted platform is the securest in the industry.


Credit Facts is trusted by over 2,000 property managers and real estate brokers across America

How It Works
Register With CreditFacts
Schedule a Free Onboarding Session  
Invite Your Tenant via Email / Text
Screening Begins at No Cost To You!


The tenant covers all costs

CreditFacts lets you manage the screening process, without having to spend anything out of pocket.

Landlords pay


Inclusive of all services

What Our Clients Are Saying

When we opened our doors we needed a company to help us screen our Tenants. I met Charlie at a real estate trade show in New York City 15 years ago and have been a client since. We recommend Creditfacts to anyone looking for a professional Tenant Screening company to help screen their tenants.

-Steven Apuzzi Realty


Let our

20+ years of experience

secure your investment

Questions?  Live Phone Support

M–F   9am–5pm EST   212-481-6502

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